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The TAYLOR SPATIAL FRAME is an external device for limb correction, lengthening and/or straightening that is based on the ILIZAROVTM Method . This external fixator takes advantage of the body's natural ability to grow healthy new bone tissue and gives the surgeon the ability to accurately move bones to their correct precise anatomic alignment.  The TAYLOR SPATIAL FRAME  fits around your limb and is attached to the bone with pins or wires that extend from the rings, through the skin and bone to the other side. 

The TAYLOR SPATIAL FRAME  is a circular, metal frame with two rings that connect with six telescopic struts that can be independently lengthened or shortened relative to the rest of the frame. This allows for six different axes of movement, which gives the TAYLOR SPATIAL FRAME  the ability to correct difficult congenital deformities and trauma cases. 

When using the TAYLOR SPATIAL FRAME, your surgeon inputs information about your original bone deformity into an advanced web-based computer application. This information is then interpreted by the software and a day-by-day treatment plan is created. The software also creates an image of your deformity on-screen and shows how the bones should be moving each day, until the bones are completely set in proper alignment. You then make daily adjustments to the struts, depending on your prescribed course of treatment. As the adjustments are made, the rings are repositioned with respect to each other, moving bones in the directions necessary for treatment. Your surgeon is able to make a side-by-side comparison of current x-rays and the projected plan of treatment graphics created by the TAYLOR SPATIAL FRAME software. This comparison ensures that your bones are healing in the correct alignment and at the appropriate pace. 

The TAYLOR SPATIAL FRAME is a winner of the Medical Device Excellence Award. 

DISCLAIMER: The information that you will read here about the ILIZAROV Method and the TAYLOR SPATIAL FRAME  external fixator is not a complete resource guide about these unique technologies. Please consult your orthopaedic surgeon for medical guidance about these technologies and whether or not you are a candidate for these procedures.

Who is a candidate for the TAYLOR SPATIAL FRAME?


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