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Accounts Payable FAQs

How should I invoice Smith+Nephew?

Our preferred invoicing method is electronic invoicing via Ariba.

Once you get a PO email notification, click on the “Process Order” button to get to Ariba, login, and select the option to create an electronic invoice that will automatically pull the PO data from the order.

Please note that the invoice description and quantity must match the PO (you can add a detailed description if required).

How do I create an electronic invoice in Ariba?

Please download the Ariba Invoicing Guide for more information.

I cannot use Ariba for online invoicing – how do I submit a paper/pdf invoice?

If you cannot submit an electronic invoice via Ariba, please send it to the Smith+Nephew contact stated on the PO as Requester, or directly to the Accounts Payable Invoicing Mailbox.

Note: The PO number must be referenced in the email and on the invoice.

When will I receive payment for my invoice?

For this and other payment / invoice-related questions, please go to the Accounts Payable enquiry mailboxes page for the contact details of the country you are working with.

I have issues with an Ariba online invoice.

- If you don’t know how to submit an Ariba online invoice please see the Invoicing Guide available HERE. If you need further assistance in submitting the invoice via Ariba you can contact

- If you have a tax or finance-related query regarding your invoice, please contact the specific Smith+Nephew Accounts Payable mailbox for enquiries.

- If you failed to submit your invoice via Ariba or you cannot use online invoicing, please view the Smith+Nephew invoicing mailboxes for the countries that you can send your invoice copy to by email (Note: PO number must be referenced in the email and on the invoice).

My Company details changed – how do I communicate this to Smith+Nephew?

Please contact the person referenced as Requestor in your last Smith+Nephew Purchase Order confirming the specific company details change.

Why was my invoice was rejected?

There may be different reasons why your invoice was rejected by Smith+Nephew – please check the rejection comments visible in Ariba and in the invoice rejection notification. If you have doubts, you can contact the specific Smith+Nephew Accounts payable mailbox for enquiries.

I have different tax rates to be applied for one line item. How do I do it in Ariba online invoicing?

You can modify the line item section on your online invoice by copying the existing line and adding a different tax rate for the specific amount to each of the lines referring to the same PO item.

What is the difference between a PO and a PR number?

A PR (format PRXXXXX) is a Purchase Requisition – this number is assigned for the time of the requisition being processed internally in our system before it is fully approved and a PO (format POXXXXX) is generated and sent automatically to the supplier. As a supplier you should only use the PO number reference on all your invoices and communication with Smith+Nephew.