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Instability Excellence


Redefining peak performance

For soft-tissue and bony Bankart repairs, and the challenges of glenoid bone loss, our portfolio aims to set new standards…regardless of repair complexity

Covering the full spectrum of shoulder instability repairs requires the appropriate options and instrumentation for any eventuality. The instability excellence portfolio aims to ensure that when surgeons make treatment decisions, the solutions are there to elevate their expertise.

Explore the information below to learn about:

  • Suture anchors with proprietary design features
  • Comprehensive glenoid bone loss treatment
  • Unique biocomposite material to support fixation strength
  • Arthroscopic enabling technology to complement the OR

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A total package of evidence-based solutions


Q-FIX  All Suture Anchor

  • Consistent, active deployment1-3 contributes to low displacement during cyclic loading*4-8

  • Greater fixation strength when compared with other all-suture anchors**5,6 


  • Increased access to challenging areas,9 with greater off-axis insertion performance***10

  • Significantly stronger fixation, compared to other devices****11

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  • Small diameter (2mm) and rectangular design that tapers towards the distal tip allows you to place multiple anchors to increase points of fixation

  • Features proprietary REGENESORB Material to promote bone healing and formation12-16 (see below)

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A comprehensive system to treat glenoid bone loss

Designed to be accurate, efficient, and reproducible through every step the way, our comprehensive Glenoid Bone Loss Systems help surgeons optimize bone graft placement.

  • One step closer to an arthroscopic approach with the Posterior Glenoid Guide
  • Achieve biomechanical equivalence to screws with fewer procedural hardware complications using the Double ENDOBUTTON Fixation Device*****17,18 
  • Securely hold, prepare, and drill grafts with one instrument
  • Minimize coracoid surface breaches with a 10° divergent drill guide angle

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Redefining healing potential with a unique biocomposite

 Featuring a unique formulation, REGENESORB Material is designed to provide a jump- start in bone healing and formation, shown to be absorbed and replaced by bone within 24 months – something no other biocomposite can match.12-16 

Read clinical data: A comparison of biocomposite solutions and how they contribute to bone resorption over 2 years.

Arthroscopic enabling technology for your OR

Patient positioning – an easy-to-use19 system, designed to be lightweight20 and stable21,22
Learn about the ACUFEX
ACCESS Patient Positioning System

Soft-tissue ablation – significantly faster and more efficient than other frequently-used 90° arthroscopy wands*****23
Learn about the WEREWOLF

For mechanical resection – a concave window designed to maximize resection and lower the clogging rate24
Learn about the DYONICS

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*Demonstrated in benchtop testing.
Based on Q-FIX 1.8mm. Demonstrated in benchtop testing; compared to Zimmer Biomet JuggerKnot™
1.45 (#1 and #2), Conmed Y-Knot™ Flex 1.3 and Stryker Iconix 1.
Demonstrated in benchtop testing, compared to Arthrex PushLock™ BioComposite 2.9 mm.
Based on the RG anchor variant. Fixation in 15 pounds per cubic foot. Compared to Arthrex® Pushlock Biocomposite, Arthrex® Short Pushlock Biocomposite, and Stryker® Cinchlock SS. p<0.001.
As demonstrated in the Bristow-Latarjet procedure. n=27 vs 115 screws.
Speed demonstrated in vitro when tested at default settings; p<0.05. Efficiency demonstrated in vitro when tested at default settings; p<0.01.


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