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GoFlo Pump


The GoFlo Pump is designed to provide effective visualization for a broad range of procedures. A three-step set up is easy; turn the power on, load the tubing and press the start button.

Designed to be:


  • Flow regulation is optimized through automatic cannula detection
  • Built to maintain distention throughout procedure
  • Continuous self-calibration ensures settings are reproducible


  • Broad surgical capability for all joint procedures
  • Optimal flow performance using any scope cannula


  • Simple user interface and wireless remote
  • Quick and uncomplicated tube set connection
  • Small footprint, either pole mounted or stacked
  • Automatic cannula detection executes in first 20 seconds of run cycle

Features and Specifications

Features Include:

Automatic self-test at startup

  • Ensures the pump is running correctly and is optimized for specific instruments or procedures
  • 20 second initial calibration cycle to adjust performance based on cannula specifications

- Recommended to perform outside the joint space but can be conducted within the joint space.


  • Max flow: 1.5 l/min
  • Pressure range: 5-150mmHg
  • RFID tube set recognition – prevents the use of counterfeit tubing or reprocessing
  • “Wash” function – increase in pressure +50% for 20 seconds


Manufactured by:  W.O.M. WORLD OF MEDICINE GmbH
Salzufer 8, 10587 Berlin, Germany
Distributed by Smith & Nephew, Inc.

Ordering Information

Ordering Information

Reference #  Description

72204968  GoFlo Pump
T0449-01  Sterile Tube set 10/box
72204972  GoFlo Remote Control
72205012  Remote Control Sterile Sleeve 50/box