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For Shoulder


SUTUREFIX ULTRA is an all-suture fixation device for instability repair

  • Anchor is small, strong and soft, with a reliable deployment method.1
  • Anchor construct forms itself against the steel inserter, not the cortical layer as with competitive soft anchors, so deployment is more reliable, reproducible, and less dependent on bone density.2
  • Provides audible, tactile and visual cues when deployed3:
    - Once anchor has been tapped into the pilot hole, deployment is achieved by pulling back on the trigger until the “click” is heard and felt – confirming successful deployment into the bone.4
    - Drill guide windows provide additional visual confirmation of drilling depth and anchor placement.
  • Anchor’s small diameter and shallow insertion depth allow the placement of multiple implants along the glenoid rim, creating a large, evenly distributed surface area of tissue compression for greater tissue-to-bone contact.5
  • Produces more than twice the pullout strength6 than the top two competing hard anchors.

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