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Removable Nasal Dressing

RAPID RHINO Gel-Knit Removable Nasal Dressing


The RAPID RHINO GEL-KNIT removable nasal dressing is a non-inflatable intranasal splint intended to prevent post-op adhesions, control minor bleeding, and allow for easy removal with minimal patient discomfort. The removable dressing has an ultra-low profile and a self-lubricating hydrocolloid fabric covering that provides for ease of insertion and removal of the dressing.

GEL-KNIT removable nasal dressings are available in a variety of sizes including Riemann 3.0/4.0 cm, Goodman 5.5 cm, and Mannheim 8.0 cm.

For product availability specific to your country, please speak to your local sales representative.

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