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Fear, M: IGel compared with Debrisan

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Fear, M., Thomas, S, Dr., Mid-Glamorgan Health Authority. Intrasite Gel compared with Debrisan paste in the management of pressure sores.

A wide range of products is currently available for the management of yellow sloughy wounds. Two of the most frequently used products are Intrasite Gel and Debrisan Paste. However these materials have not been compared previously in a controlled clinical evaluation.
To compare clinical performance, cost effectiveness and user acceptability of two widely used desloughing/cleansing agents in the management of pressure sores.
Intrasite Gel is a sterile amorphous hydrogel, containing polymer, water and propylene glycol.
Debrisan paste is a ready-mixed paste formulation consisting of dextranomer, polyethylene glycol 600 and water. According to the instructions, gauze dressings should be used in conjunction with paste to form a ‘package' which lies within the wound itself.
Both dressings were converted using a perforated plastic film, absorbent dressing and retained using tape/bandages as appropriate.
40 patients with grade 3 or grade 4 pressure sores containing significant quantities of yellow/brown slough were recruited into the study and randomised to treatment.
All wounds were cleaned with normal saline. Dressings were applied according to the manufacture' instructions.
Within the limits defined in the study protocol, frequency of dressing changes was left to the clinical judgement of the investigator.
Patients continued in the study until their wound has been fully cleansed, or for a maximum of 28 days.
Assessments were made at each dressing change.