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Manufacturing Engineer
Aarau, Switzerland

I have always been interested in science and technology, so when it came to choosing a degree, I decided to study Life Science Technology (Medical Technology) at Fachhochschule Nordwest Schweiz.

After completing my degree, I joined Smith & Nephew as a graduate hire and I now work as Manufacturing Engineer at our factory in Aarau, Switzerland. 

A year into my role and I’m enjoying it! I find it really exciting to learn the different manufacturing processes and methods. I have been able to work on different projects within manufacturing where I have been able to improve processes, introduce and develop ideas. I find the work interesting and fulfilling, particularly as I know that our work at Smith & Nephew contributes to making people’s lives easier and improving their quality of life.

I am working on my first project as a project manager and there will still be some hurdles to overcome, but I am happy to be able to tackle them with a good project team.

Joining Smith & Nephew as a graduate hire has given me the opportunity to take my first steps in a varied and challenging career in medical technology. My colleagues actively support me and I am learning a lot every day.


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