We understand how important it is to get exposure, learn, and develop early in your career. With our emerging talent programmes, you will have access to careers with a global impact, leaders who are interested in developing people and a collaborative community where we help others to develop professionally and grow personally.

We are committed to ensuring that you are working on meaningful projects that have an impact on the organisation. Because in our world, you make the difference.

We look forward to learning more about you, as you learn more about us.

Smith+Nephew Leadership Development Program (LDP)

Fast-track your career with one of our Leadership Development Programs; structured, 2-3 year rotational programs, designed for recent university graduates. 

In this rotational program, you will have the chance to immerse yourself in three to four rotations across our Commercial team and providing you with exposure to Sales Operations, Sales Training, Sales and Marketing. 

Benefits of the program

  • Gain broad experience across sales and marketing
  • Develop strategic decision-making and performance analysis skills
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Expand your knowledge of industry trends and developments


24-30 months. Each rotation lasts from 6 to 12 months. 


  • US - Memphis (TN), Fort Worth (TX), Andover (MA), Mansfield (MA)

This rotational programme consists of three immersive rotations across our Research & Development organisations including Design, Research, Product Support, Project Management and adjacent fields such as Quality or Manufacturing. 

Benefits of the program

As a participant in the Research & Development Leadership Development Program, you will: 

  • gain in-depth insights into cutting-edge medical device technologies
  • have a dedicated mentor to help you build your technical skills
  • participate in real-world case studies
  • develop your leadership capabilities


  • 36 months. Each rotation lasts 12 months. 


  • US - Memphis (TN), Mansfield (MA), Andover (MA)
  • UK - Hull

In this rotational program, you will have the opportunity to cultivate your supply chain expertise and leadership potential while gaining exposure to a range of areas across Supply Chain and Procurement, such as Demand Planning, Supply Planning, Inventory Management & Analytics, Procurement, Distribution and Manufacturing.

Benefits of the program

As a participant in the Supply Chain and Procurement leadership development program, you will:

  • gain hands-on experience of applying supply chain strategies to real-world challenges
  • develop in-depth knowledge of supply chain
  • develop your critical thinking, problem-solving and decision-making skills
  • develop your leadership skills


  • 24-30 months. Each rotation lasts approximately 6 months. 


  • US - Memphis (TN), Fort Worth (TX)
  • Australia - Macquarie Park
  • Switzerland - Zug
  • South Africa - Johannesburg


This rotational programme is tailored to provide recent IT graduates with a well-defined development path, emphasizing specific areas in each rotation, such as data analytics, information security analytics and software development, among others. 

Benefits of the program

As a participant in the IT Leadership Development Program, you will: 

  • experience a unique blend of healthcare and technology
  • experience different types of role, such as Analyst, Developer, IT Service
  • learn a wide range of skills, including technical IT and leadership skills
  • gain industry knowledge
  • develop strong communication and collaboration skills
  • enhance your problem-solving and decision-making skills.


3 years. Each rotation lasts 1 year.


  • US - Memphis (TN) and Andover (MA)
  • UK - Hull
  • Poland - Wroclaw
  • India - Pune

We hire university leavers into specialist roles throughout the company, across our locations. As a specialist, you will join a team within one of our functions, gaining invaluable on-the-job experience and expertise with opportunities to progress through the organisation and become future subject matter experts and leaders.

Whether your interest is in Sales, Marketing, Finance, Packaging Design, Regulatory Affairs, Engineering, or Human Resources, starting your career with Smith+Nephew will provide you with the opportunity to develop and grow both professionally and personally.



Our best-in-class internship programmes are designed to give you the opportunity to combine your academic knowledge with hands-on work experience.

As an intern with us, you will:

  • Have the opportunity to undertake meaningful work
  • Have the opportunity to take part in a poster competition
  • Have access to our summer learning series
  • Be matched with a mentor
  • Have the opportunity to take part in community volunteering opportunities
  • Receive a mid-programme and end of programme review


Our internships are available in a wide range of locations, including:

  • Canada - Mississauga
  • China - Suzhou
  • Colombia - Bogota  
  • Costa Rica - Coyol
  • India - Pune and Mumbai
  • Japan - Tokyo
  • Malaysia - Penang
  • Poland - Wroclaw
  • South Africa
  • United Kingdom - Hull
  • USA - Memphis TN, Andover MA, Fort Worth TX, Pittsburgh PA, Austin TX, Mansfield MA, Oklahoma City OK 

Co-ops + Year in Industry placements

A placement year with us is an excellent opportunity to pick up valuable skills and be exposed to industry processes, helping to bring your chosen area of study to life.


Available in the UK and the US, these placements are paid and count towards your university degree.

Co-op + year in industry callout.png

Starting your career with us

The Smith+Nephew Young Professionals (SNYP) network is one of our longest running employee inclusion groups.

Open to all employees, you will find a cross-cultural and cross-functional community of professionals committed to engaging, developing, and accelerating personal and professional development.

SNYP provides a space for young professionals to discover their leadership style, develop their soft skills, and create career advancement opportunities and visibility.

Activities supported by SNYP have included a Reverse Mentoring Programme, a senior leader lecture series, and a wide array of social events - held both in-person and virtually.

Graduate Development Rotational Programmes  

We take a comprehensive approach to building out skills that are specific to your role, as well as leadership based.  Examples of training include, APICs Certification, Lean Six Sigma Certification, Toastmasters, Project Management Professional (PMP) Certifications, Insights, Communication Training, etc. 

We are piloting our first Smith+Nephew Acceleration Program (SNAP) which is a mix of online learning and in-person training. The programme‚Äôs highlights include a summit in each region with senior leaders attending, as well as community volunteering projects and social events.


Summer Programme for Interns and Co-ops/Year-in-Industry placements

We provide interns who join us in the summer months many opportunities to learn about our company and themselves.

Each week, we host lunch and learn sessions focused on the areas of interest identified by the participants.  Example topics include, influencing others, communicating cross-functionally, and strengthening your LinkedIn profile. 

In addition, when possible, all summer participants receive four hours of paid community service.  Finally, at the end of the summer, participants can compete in our global poster competition gaining the opportunity to present to senior leaders about their accomplishments. 

The Reverse Mentoring Programme started in 2020, since then we've had over a hundred people participate around the world and across a number of functions. The goal of the program is to educate our most senior leaders about current trends, issues and concerns facing the emerging talent population. The programme supports our culture pillars of care, collaboration and courage also by empowering our younger employees to share their perspectives and helps to bridge the intergenerational gap.

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