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Supply Chain Analyst (Supply Planning)
Memphis, TN, USA

I joined Smith & Nephew in 2015 while I was studying for my degree at the University of Memphis. Throughout my degree, I worked nights as a Finisher in one of our Memphis manufacturing factories so that I could attend my classes during the day.

When I completed my degree in Supply Chain Management, I was keen to stay on at Smith & Nephew. While working in Production, I could I see the improvements the company was making, the attention to detail and it was always evident that the company cares about its people. There was opportunity for me here too, so I applied for a graduate position in Supply Planning.

My role in Supply Planning is about matching the needs of the customer and the market, with what our Production team is doing. I help to make sure that our manufacturing production plans align with the forecast for demand. Since starting this role, I have learned a lot about people, systems and the overall impact of Supply Chain on the business.

I’ve had a lot of support throughout my career at Smith & Nephew. I feel that my managers and colleagues have always been very interested in my career path, and they’ve been keen to help me develop professionally, giving me opportunities to see different parts of the business and to work on major projects.  

Coming into Supply Chain with my production experience has definitely helped me to understand the challenges that both ends of the chain (production and logistics) can face. For me, one of the most rewarding aspects of my role is when we face a challenge as a team and then find solutions that make the system work better for everyone.

I love that I’ve seen how we impact customers’ lives from both ends of the supply chain: from how our products are made, to how we get the finished product to our customers. That’s the whole point of Supply Chain!


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