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Who we are

Smith+Nephew has a proud history of more than 160 years of improving health around the world. Whilst we have grown significantly from our beginnings as a small family pharmacy in Hull, England, our caring spirit has remained the same.

In 2018, we began the work to create a culture that, whilst rooted in caring, is also clearly aligned to a unifying purpose and culture of collaboration and courage to win.

Throughout the year, in addition to gauging our progress against our framework of Great Place to Work (GPTW), we engaged employees in a review of our existing culture and future aspirations.

Together, this input formed the basis for a new purpose, Life Unlimited, and our culture pillars of Care, Collaboration and Courage. These pillars represent the best of Smith+Nephew today, as well as what we aspire to be in the future.


Our culture pillar of Care means that we show empathy and understanding for each other, our customers and patients.

We step into our customers’ shoes, anticipate their needs and deliver the highest levels of innovation and service.

We strive to have the best understanding of the patients whom we ultimately serve, and we develop our products with them in mind.

And, our passion for what we do drives us to continuously improve and expand the positive impact that we have on the world.


Our culture pillar of Collaboration means we work together as a team, based on mutual trust and respect.

Through transparent and respectful communication, we are motivated by a shared purpose and understand the impact of our individual contributions on our collective goals.

And, by encouraging different perspectives and leveraging our global experiences we achieve the best outcomes.

We are committed to employment practices based on equal opportunities, regardless of colour, creed, race, national origin, sex, age, marital status, sexual orientation, or physical or intellectual disability. We believe a person’s ability to perform essential functions of a job is the only relevant criteria.


Our culture pillar of Courage is about continuous learning, innovation and accountability.

By staying curious, thinking big and having the humility to challenge our conventional ways of thinking, we push the boundaries of our industry.

Fostering an entrepreneurial, can-do attitude, we look for solutions and achieve them through talent and force of will.

And, with a growth mindset, we have the capability and confidence to win, and we do so with integrity and the highest ethical standards.


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