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Soothing, Hydrating Healing Gel



Solosite◊ is a soothing hydrogel which creates a moist wound environment that aids healing and minimises the risk of scarring.


What SOLOSITE◊ is used for

- Minor burns

- Sunburn

- Cuts and grazes

- Softening dry hard tissue in wounds


Instructions for Use


How to apply SOLOSITE◊ Soothing, Hydrating, Healing Gel

Cleanse the wound with sterile saline or a suitable cleansing solution.  Cover the affected area with SOLOSITE◊ gel (approximately 5mm thick).  Where practical, cover the wound and the gel with an OPSITE◊ Flexigrid film or MELOLIN◊ dressing. 


When to change

Change daily or as directed to prevent drying out of the gel.  For sunburn, reapply on a regular basis to prevent the area from drying out.