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OPSITE Flexifix

Transparent, Adhesive Film roll

OPSITE Flexifix


OPSITE◊ Flexifix is a transparent adhesive film on a roll that is non-sterile.

OPSITE◊ Flexifix allows easy secure fixation of all kinds of dressings.

The film is waterproof and can act as a protective film that will help reduce friction on the skin.

OPSITE◊ Flexifix is not to be used on open wounds


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Instructions for Use


1.  Cut off the desired length of film from roll. Fold the strip along its length to crack the protective papers.

2.  Remove the backing paper marked No.1 "remove first". Apply the adhesive film to desired area and smooth down.

3.  Remove the green squared grid carrier, marked No 3.


Dressing Removal

To remove OPSITE◊ Flexifix, gently stretch the film parallel to the skin and lift off.


Read the Label

Application Video

OPSITE Flexifix Application Video