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Silicone Gel Adhesive Dressing



ALLEVYN◊ Life has an advanced layered construction, which combines a foam pad held between a perforated silicone gel adhesive wound contact layer and a highly permeable waterproof outer film. ALLEVYN◊ Life incorporates a central mesh screen on the pad to help mask the visibility of wound fluid. The film layer is showerproof and aids in the prevention of bacterial wound infection.

Allevyn Life - Product

How ALLEVYN◊ Life works 

ALLEVYN◊ Life provides a moist wound environment which promotes healing. The wound contact layer surface of ALLEVYN◊ Life is coated with a gentle silicone adhesive layer, which is easy to apply and remove. ALLEVYN◊ Life can be lifted and repositioned without losing its adherent properties, but ensure no creasing or stretching occurs. ALLEVYN◊ Life can be left in place without the need for a secondary dressing.


What ALLEVYN◊ Life is used for

ALLEVYN◊ Life is suitable for use on fragile or sensitive skin. ALLEVYN◊ Life may be used on wounds with moderate to high discharge such as:

                 -       Minor burns

                 -       Skin tears


ALLEVYN - people

Always read the label


We conducted over 50 hours of in-depth interviews and observational sessions with patients and involved over 850 clinicians from around the world.

From this research we now know that complete wound care means far more than just physical healing, particularly to patients living with their wounds 24/7:

  • Leakage, visible strikethrough and odour can be embarrassing and stigmatising 1,2
  • Poor cushioning from knocks and bumps can cause fear and pain 1,2
  • Dressings that don’t stay in place and fall off are highly frustrating 1,2
  • Frequent dressing changes and slow wound healing cause anxiety 1,2

Allevyn Life layers

This inspired the development of ALLEVYN◊ Life which is a multi-layered dressing incorporating hydrocellular foam, hyper-absorber lock away core and masking layer designed specifically for people and their everyday life.


How ALLEVYN◊ Life works


Discretion Layer for Patient Confidence

The masking layer minimises the visual impact of strikethrough3, providing you with confidence that the dressing may not attract the negative attention of others.

The masking layer acts as a change indicator which optimises dressing change frequency4 and minimises wastage.

How does ALLEVYN◊ Life's Performance Compare?


ALLEVYN vs Traditional dressing - Strikethrough


 *Tested on MepilexTM Border


Lock-away Layer Providing Peace of Mind

In addition to its hydrocellular foam layer, ALLEVYN◊ Life has a hyper-absorber lock away core providing excellent fluid locking under pressure5(in-vitro), absorbs common wound odours when tested (in-vitro) on representative compounds6 and provides "peace of mind" leakage prevention5,  (in-vitro).

How does ALLEVYN◊ Life's Performance Compare?


ALLEVYN Life vs Traditional dressings - Leakage


 *Tested on Mepilex Border


Cushioning Layer for Maximum Protection

ALLEVYN◊ Life’s multi-layered design (hydrocellular foam, hyper-absorber lock away core and masking layer) provides cushioning and helps to spread pressure7 (in-vitro) so you can feel comforted that the wound is cushioned against everyday trauma.8

How does ALLEVYN◊ Life's Performance Compare?


ALLEVYN Life vs Traditional dressing - Pressure


 *Tested on Mepilex Border

Always read the label


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Instructions for Use


  1. Wash hands before and after treating the wound. Gently clean the wound.
  2. Prepare and clean the skin surrounding the wound area by removing excess moisture. Any excess hair close to the wound should be clipped.
  3. Open the pouch by peeling apart the flaps on the pouch paper. Remove the ALLEVYN Life dressing. Remove one side of the backing sheet from the ALLEVYN Life dressing. Anchor the adhesive side of the ALLEVYN Life dressing to the skin. Smooth the dressing over the wound ensuring there are no creases.
  4. Remove the remaining backing sheet and smooth the dressing over the remainder of the wound without stretching the dressing. The pad area only of the dressing must be adhered across the entire surface of the wound.

ALLEVYN◊ Life can be used to dress awkward wounds such as heels and elbows, the dressing corner lobes can be overlapped when positioning the dressing, ensuring no creasing or stretching occurs to the dressing.

When to Change

During the early stages of wound management, ALLEVYN◊ Life dressings should be inspected frequently. Where the product is used on infected wounds, the infection should be inspected and treated by your local healthcare professional.

ALLEVYN◊ Life dressings can stay in place for up to seven (7) days, depending on the condition of the wound and the surrounding skin, or until the wound fluid covers more than 50% of the absorbent pad outside the central screen. Please consult your healthcare professional if you need advice on when to change your ALLEVYN◊ Life dressing.

For further information, please refer to the pack insert.


Dressing Removal

To remove ALLEVYN◊ Life, lift one corner lobe of the dressing and slowly peel back until completely removed from the wound.

Removal: Flat


Removal: Joint


Removal: Heel


ALLEVYN - people

Always read the label

Application Video

ALLEVYN◊ Life Application Video