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Stitches: Caring for stitches

About stitches

Stitches are an important tool in the healing process. To assist wound recovery and achieve optimal healing, stitches should be carefully managed.

Using a waterproof and bacteria-proof dressing with stitches can reduce the risk of infection. A padded dressing can cushion and absorb fluid, and help prevent stitches from being pulled.

To prevent the risk of raised scarring after stitches, scar treatment products are available.

Stitches are used on wounds that are:

  • Clean
  • Free from infection
  • Where the edges are close enough to be pulled and held together without tension

How to manage stitches



Consider CICA–CARE to prevent or treat red raised scarring after healing.

Refer to a health care professional if the patient has underlying medical conditions.

Always seek medical advice if a stitched wound:

  • Becomes infected
  • Separates


*PRIMAPORE is not suitable for fragile or elderly skin.

Always read the label and follow the directions for use.