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Grazes: Skin abrasion treatment


What is a graze?

  • Superficial injury where the top layer of skin is torn or scraped off
  • Commonly caused by sliding falls
  • Road dirt and gravel can become embedded in the wound and can cause infection if not cleaned or removed properly
  • Grazes can be quite painful

Graze treatment

  • Stop the bleeding by elevating the limb and applying local pressure to the area
  • Clean the wound of foreign bodies, dirt & debris
  • Do NOT remove large objects (e.g large pieces of glass, as this may cause further damage and more bleeding
  • Refer the customer to a doctor for treatment
  • Use an antiseptic if necessary

Always seek medical advice if the graze:

  • Won't stop bleeding
  • Cannot be cleaned properly or if there are particles that cannot be removed
  • Causes loss of function
  • Becomes infected

Refer to a health care professional if the patient has underlying medical conditions.

Treatment options



Consider SOLOSITE when grazes are dry.

Always read the label and follow the directions for use.