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PRIMABAND Elastic Conforming Bandage



Flexible, lightweight elastic bandage

To hold dressings in place, PRIMABAND is a highly flexible elastic bandage designed to conform to your body. Lightweight and non-adhesive, it is suitable for active people and high movement areas such as knees and elbows.

  • Allows air circulation so your skin can breathe
  • Stretchable and conformable to awkward body areas
  • Cool, soft construction

PRIMABAND is ideal for: holding dressings or devices in place for active people and in high-movement areas of the body.

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Choosing the right product

Depending on your needs, PRIMABAND is available in the following sizes:

2.5cm x 1.75m
5cm x 1.75m
7.5cm x 1.75m
10cm x 1.75m

Primaband application

If you are unsure, please ask your pharmacist before purchase.

Instructions for Use

How to use PRIMABAND

  1. Wash your hands before and after use . Gently clean the skin, and dry thoroughly. 
  2. Wrap the bandage in a spiral around the dressing or device, overlapping half of the bandage each time.
  3. Ensure only minimal tension has been used; just enough to keep the dressing or device in place.

Other Suitable Products

To help treat your wound, PRIMABAND is suitable for use with the following products:

To protect your skin

SKIN PREP – barrier wipes leave a protective layer on your skin.

For other wound requirements

MELOLIN – absorbent dressings that provide cushioning.

CICA-CARE – reusable silicone gel sheet to help soften, flatten and fade scars.

CUTILIN – an absorbent cushioning low-adherent wound pad.

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Always read the label and follow the directions for use.