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ALLEVYN Life Silicone Gel Adhesive Dressing


About ALLEVYN Life

Silicone Gel Adhesive Dressing

A 5 layer foam dressing with silicone gel adhesive. Ideal for those with fragile or sensitive skin. Can stay in place for up to 7 days.

  • Foam dressing with gentle silicone adhesive
  • Suitable for patients with sensitive or fragile skin e.g. elderly or children
  • Ideal for wounds with moderate to high amounts of fluid such as skin tears or burns
  • Comfortable and conformable, the unique shape fits closely to the body
  • Lock away layer, odour control layer and change indicator


  1. Breathable film layer
  2. Built-in discretion (masking layer) minimises visual impact of strikethrough
  3. Hyper-absorbent lock-away core helps to minimise the leakage of fluid
  4. Hydrocellular foam enables fluid uptake
  5. Silicone adhesive wound contact layer conforms securely to the body1

Recommended uses

  • Cuts and grazes
  • Minor burns
  • Skin tears
  • Fragile skin
  • Sensitive skin


  • Small 10.3cm x 10.3cm
  • Small 10.3cm x 10.3cm
  • Medium 12.9cm x 12.9cm
  • Medium 12.9cm x 12.9cm
  • Large 15.4cm x 15.4cm
  • Extra Large 21cm x 21cm


1. Rossington A. Product performance of next generation ALLEVYN LIFE. Data on file; 2016: report GMCA-DOF/08.

Instructions for Use


Instructions Step 1: Wash hands before and after treating the wound. Gently clean the wound and the surrounding skin. Clean and dry the skin surrounding the wound and clip any excess hair close to the wound.
Instructions Step 2: Open the pouch by peeling apart the flaps on the pouch paper. Anchor the adhesive side of the ALLEVYN LIFE dressing to the skin. Smooth the dressing over the wound ensuring there are no creases.
Instructions Step 3: Remove the remaining backing sheet and smooth the dressing over the remainder of the wound without stretching the dressing. The pad area only of the dressing must be adhered across the entire surface of the wound.

How to remove

To remove ALLEVYN LIFE, lift one corner lobe of the dressing and slowly peel back until completely removed from the wound.

Application Video

ALLEVYN◊ Life Application Video

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