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Hip Access Cannulas


Introducing the new guard for hip arthroscopy

ARTHROGARDE Hip Access Cannulas are designed to be atraumatic-featuring smooth ends for optimal safety and high-strength design for enhanced durability. The high-strength, atraumatic design makes the ARTHROGARDE Hip Access Cannula ideal for hip arthroscopy.

The uniquely designed rounded ends provide a smooth surface to protect soft tissue when performing hip arthroscopy.  Combine with our CROSSTRAC Hip Guide System1 for accurate trajectories and first-time access to the hip joint.

1Patent Pending

Rounded Ends

Rounded ends provide a smooth surface that is atraumatic in design.


High-strength design provides greater durability and stable connections so accurate trajectories can be achieved when using the CROSSTRAC Hip Guide.


Slotted Cannula

Featuring the new atraumatic design, enhanced durability, angled profile and ergonomic handle for easy maneuverability.

Ordering Information

Ordering Information for ARTHROGARDE Hip Access Cannulas

  ARTHROGARDE  Hip Access Cannulas
72201741 4.5 mm ARTHROGARDE Hip Access Cannula GREEN
72291742 5.0 mm ARTHROGARDE Hip Access Cannula BLUE
72201743 5.5 mm ARTHROGARDE Hip Access Cannula RED
72201590 ARTHROGARDE Slotted Hip Access Cannula
72200083 Irrigation Extender, rotatable, double valve
72200084 Irrigation Extender, rotatable, single valve
72200096 4.5mm Cannulated Obturator with Black Delrin handle
72200097 5.0mm Cannulated Obturator with Black Delrin handle
72200098 5.5mm Cannulated Obturator with Black Delrin handle



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