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Multi-Drug Resistant Organisms: The Increasing Risk


Multi-drug resistant organisms are on the rise, pose a threat to health care facilities, and put patients with wounds at increased risk for infection. How do you best manage wound infection and reduce the risk of cross contamination? This webcast explores a multi-modality approach to managing infected wounds, including systemic and local interventions. When should interventions include topical antimicrobial dressings, systemic antibiotics or both? Does a broad spectrum antimicrobial dressing really make a difference? Are all silver dressings equally effective? These issues will be addressed from two different perspectives, infectious disease implications and the clinical challenges of managing patients with infected wounds.


Learn from two leading physicians about how their choice of silver dressings helped improve outcomes in their patients.

Target audience

Clinicians who treat patients with chronic infected wounds, Wound Clinic Practitioners, Infection Preventionists, Infectious Disease Specialistsx


Gary W. Gibbons MD
Medical Director, Center for Wound Healing
South Shore Hospital, Weymouth, MA
Professor of Surgery
Boston University School of Medicine
Boston, MA

David W. Brett BS, BS, MS
Science & Technology Manager
Smith & Nephew Wound Management

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