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Cadence Total Ankle System


Cadence is designed for predictable procedures.

Streamlined instrumentation

  • Reproducible implant alignment due to fluoroscopic cues
  • Repeatable talar preparation with pins that set the location of multiple guides
  • Intuitive tray and instrument layout to facilitate procedure flow
  • Faster mean O.R. time1 as compared to reported O.R. times2-3 of Wright Medical® Infinity® and InBone® with Prophecy® PSI

Advanced anatomic design

  • Anatomic tibial baseplate with fibular sulcus
  • Anatomic talar implant with a conical axis of rotation
  • Biased poly inserts to address sagittal deformities
  • 672 customizable implant combinations to treat a variety of patient anatomies


Surgical Techniques

CADENCE Primary Surgical Technique

CADENCE Flat Cut Revision Surgical Technique


CADENCE Brochure



Clinical Evidence

Daniel: Cadence® Case Study

Parekh: Cadence® Case Study


Cadence® Total Ankle System (LC-04-1020-0002-001_Rev G) IFU
Cadence® Total Ankle System (LC-04-1020-0005-002_Rev F) IFU
Cadence® Total Ankle System Non-Sterile Device Reprocessing (LC-04-1020-0006_Rev H) IFU
Cleaning, Disinfection and Inspection of Non-Sterile Integra® Devices Lower (04-0000-0016_F) IFU

Regulatory Filings

Cadence® Total Ankle System 510K


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