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Multi-electrode Technology


Multi-electrode technology provides three key requirements for the COBLATION plasma layer.

  1. Establishes a plasma layer quickly and efficiently
  2. Maintains a stable and aggressive plasma layer
  3. Maximizes the size of the plasma layer

To establish the ablative plasma layer quickly, high current density is required. The bipolar configuration of the COBLATION device, where the electric field is concentrated between the active electrode at the Wand tip and the return electrode at the base of the tip, provides the energy density to form the reactive ion ablation field.

The current density necessary to establish a plasma layer is formed first at an electrode edge where there is a current field enhancement. With equal surface areas, multiple electrodes offer more edge length than a single electrode, thus forming a plasma layer more quickly. This minimizes the time between initial application of current and plasma layer formation.

In addition, each electrode has an independent power channel. Current supplied for each electrode is reduced as that electrode forms a plasma layer and resistance increases. This minimizes total current and subsequent power or heat dissipated to collateral tissue.

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