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AMBIENT Technology


AMBIENT technology provides real-time temperature monitoring of the intra-articular fluid during arthroscopic surgery. Our QUANTUM Controller platform is the only arthroscopic system that offers this type of temperature monitoring.

Fluid temperature is continuously displayed on the QUANTUM LCD screen. When the temperature within the joint space exceeds the user selected set point, visual and audible alarms will emit from the Controller, providing the surgeon with direct feedback.

Additional Controller features include:

Controller output
Our QUANTUM Controllers use a unique RF output which allows them to deliver the correct amount of power to create plasma. Energy delivery is optimized to provide fast plasma formation while minimizing the dissipation of thermal energy in the joint.

Unique waveform
QUANTUM Controllers use a unique waveform that delivers fast ablation speed. The waveform has a sharp leading edge that requires less time to generate plasma and therefore allows more time for active ablation.

Scope safety feature
QUANTUM Controllers include proprietary circuits that continuously monitor the energy and automatically suspend the output when there is a spike in current.

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