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Septoplasty and Turbinate Reduction


Septal deviation or misalignment of the septum is a common source of nasal obstruction also associated with nosebleeds, facial pain, and snoring. Often a septal deviation is accompanied by hypertrophic (enlarged) turbinates which may compound nasal obstruction. The nasal turbinates can quickly change in size and may block airflow if they grow too big. Allergies, colds, and sinusitis can cause them to enlarge and block nasal airflow.


There are simple and effective procedures to correct a nasal obstruction if caused by a deviated septum and/or turbinate hypertrophy. Septoplasty and turbinate reduction are separate surgeries which can be performed together. These procedures are generally performed on an outpatient basis and will help to straighten the septum and reduce the size of the turbinates.

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Turbinator Reduction Wand

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