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PROCISE and REFLEX COBLATION Wands bring minimally invasive COBLATION technology to Laryngeal and Soft Palate procedures.


COBLATION technology gently and precisely removes targeted tissue and is ideal for use in surgical procedures of Laryngeal and soft palate anatomy.  Over 12 million procedures have been successfully performed using COBLATION technology since the introduction of our first Tonsillectomy Wands in 1998.



For ideal results, delicate laryngeal anatomy requires minimally invasive surgical techniques. Procedures ranging from adenoidectomy and tonsillectomies, to laryngeal lesions and tracheal deviations can benefit from a gentle approach.

Our COBLATION technology is suited for gentle procedures of the laryngeal cavity because it creates a controlled, stable plasma field and allows for the precise removal of tissue at low temperatures with minimal thermal penetration.

Soft Palate

The soft palate is a flexible area composed of muscle and connective tissue, which gives support to swallowing and closing of the airway. While this area does create a vacuum in the oral cavity, which keeps food and liquids out, it is also the area which may be responsible for socially disruptive snoring.

Due to its minimally invasive character, our COBLATION technology is ideal for soft palate snoring procedures which involve the reduction and/or removal of soft tissue, such as those found in the soft palate and uvula.

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