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XL MICROFRACTURE Pick, 90-degree

XL MICROFRACTURE Pick, 90-degree


Designed for treatment of chondral lesions in the hip joint, the XL MICROFRACTURE PICK has a strategically-placed strike point that enables the mallet force to be transferred in the direction of the 90-degree pick. This allows the creation of a precisely located hole, intended to minimize skiving and iatrogenic damage.

  • Tapered shaft with 15.2 inch (386mm) working length (17.7 inch overall length): Enables access through standard arthroscopy portals using a slotted cannula while reaching and addressing the chondral lesions.
  • Optimally-positioned strike point, located mid-section of pick: delivers force in the direction of the 90-degree tip.
  • Delrin® handle: Explicitly designed to be a handle, not the strike area, while providing a secure and ergonomically comfortable grip.
  • Convenient storage: Designed to fit into the HIPSTRUMENTS tray for sterilization and convenient storage

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72203338                   XL MICROFRACTURE PICK, 90 Degree

Note:  Mallet not included

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