Smith+Nephew is pleased to announce that we have begun publishing product data via the Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN). GDSN is a network of interoperable data pools, which enables trading partners to securely synchronise master data. Working from a single source of truth, trading partners gain real-time access to accurate product data and trade item updates, which will enhance both patient safety and improve supply chain efficiencies.

We have partnered with GHX Health ConneXionâ„  as our third-party GS1-certified data pool provider. As of December 2017, we have published our GDSN catalog in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada. We will continue to expand our publication to further markets throughout 2018.

Instructions for accessing Smith+Nephew's GDSN catalog:

STEP 1: If you do not already have one, select your own GS1-certified data pool provider here.

STEP 2: Through your data pool provider, subscribe to Smith & Nephew's GDSN catalog utilising our GLN 0885556000007.

STEP 3: Submit the following to to ensure your subscription request is received:

Organisation Name
Type of organisation: Hospital, Group Purchasing Organisation, Third-Party Solution Provider, etc.

Primary contact name associated with GDSN, including email address.

Please let us know how your organisation would like to consume our GDSN catalog so we can better adapt our e-commerce strategy with our customers' needs. 

Once we receive your request, we will review and notify you whether or not your subscription request has been approved.

We look forward to working with organisations to continue improving patient safety and your supply chain efficiencies through the implementation of GDSN and other GS1 standards.