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Product Information

STRUCSURE CP is Intuitive, Effective, and Versatile

STRUCSURE CP is a bone graft substitute which can be used in a wide range of trauma and recon operations.


Because Simplicity Matters

  • 3-in-1 closed system that transfers, mixes and injects using one device
  • No pre-setup steps eliminating bowls and spatulas or transferring material from syringe to syringe
  • 7-gauge ergonomically designed cannula for easy and precise placement


Because you need it to work

  • Precipitates to calcium-deficient apatite (CDA), which is similar to native bone apatite crystals, facilitating the remodeling process
  • Full range of micro, meso and macro pore sizes to enable cellular in-growth*
  • •Cures to twice the strength of cancellous bone in 24 hours (24 MPa)*

*Data on File



Because it is clinically flexible

  • Can be used in both trauma and joint reconstruction cases 
  • Gives surgeons a choice to inject manually or use a delivery gun
  • Gives surgeons the option to inject around implants or place hardware through the material


Ordering Information

STRUCSURE CP kit includes syringe, dispenser gun and cannula

 Reference #        Description                                      

717805                 STRUCSURE CP – 5 cc

717808                 STRUCSURE CP – 8 cc

717816                 STRUCSURE CP – 16 cc