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An intuitive and easy-to-use cannula with unique features to facilitate visibility, access, and range-of-motion in shoulder and knee repair1

Unlike conventional cannulas, which may protrude into the joint space and be prone to displacement and leaking, SPORTPORT combines proprietary features in a soft and flexible construction to facilitate and streamline procedures.1

Striking a balance between security and flexibility for insertion, retention, and removal, patented technology builds on the benefits of conventional cannulas:

  • Easy, controlled insertion – the cannulated obturator with DistalDrive™ technology enables easy insertion over a range of standard switching sticks1
  • Expanded field of view – a unique tissue retention flange prevents protrusion into the joint space1
  • Enhanced joint space access – the SpeedClip™ allows surgeons to quickly and easily adjust to tissue thickness, and maximize work space1
  • Helps prevent leakage – proprietary seal design with retraction flanges helps prevent pull-out and facilitates instrument pass-through1

Watch a brief video to discover the unique SPORTPORT features:

What makes SPORTPORT different?

Designed to adapt to surgeons’ diverse clinical needs, the SPORTPORT kit offers features previously unavailable in the cannula market.

DistalDrive cannulated obturator
Easy insertion, without the need for sharp inserters or technique adjustments. The first disposable cannula compatible with up to 4.2mm standard switching sticks1

SpeedClip with integrated suture sorting
An ergonomic grip allows flexible, intuitive clipping perpendicular to the cannula, with a suture-sorting feature to simplify management during procedures1

Floating inner seal
Designed to maintain distension and prevent leakage, even when instrumentation is used off-axis1


Simplified range with tinted shaft
Available in two sizes (6.5mm and 8.5mm), with a distinct color to promote visibility1

How to use SPORTPORT in shoulder and knee repair

As a simple, consistent solution, discover how SPORTPORT enhances insertion, removal, and instrumentation use in practice:


Finding solutions - an intelligent surgical choice

As part of a growing portfolio of arthroscopy solutions, SPORTPORT can be used alongside other innovations:

Featuring REGENESORB Material for advanced healing and a unique open architecture design.

Offering ease of access to tight joint spaces,1 featuring a concave window designed to maximize resection with reduced clogging.2

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SPORTPORT is Manufactured by Cannuflow, Inc., 1800 Green Hills Rd, Suite 105A Scotts Valley CA 95066 and distributed by Smith+Nephew, Inc.

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