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Articulating Instruments

SERPENT Articulating Instruments


As otolaryngologists strive for increasingly less invasive techniques, the desire for instruments that “bend at will" has emerged as a key unmet need. Further, as endoscopes widen the surgical field of view, traditional rigid instruments have limited the ability to reach visible anatomy. As a result the unique technology platform ENTRIGUE has been developed to focus on enabling the least invasive techniques for sinus surgery.

With the SERPENT Articulating Instruments, surgeons can truly reach around corners and perform precise dissection.

  • Over 220 degrees of articulation with seven locking positions
  • Multiple tip configurations include thru-cutters and graspers
  • Ultra-sharp cutting edges and precise grasping tips enable meticulous dissection
  • Designed to withstand the rigors of standard cleaning and sterilization procedures

Ordering Information

Reference # Description
510-30110 SERPENT Articulating Thru-Cutting Forceps, 3.0mm Vertical Jaw
510-30210 SERPENT Articulating Thru-Cutting Forceps, 3.0mm Horizontal Jaw
510-30120 SERPENT Articulating Grasping Forceps, 3.0mm Vertical Jaw
510-30220 SERPENT Articulating Grasping Forceps, 3.0mm Horizontal Jaw
910-30110 SERPENT Sterilization Tray, holds two instruments in each tray. Tray and lid are available as separate parts to facilitate a multi-tray stack.

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