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Controller System


The QUANTUM◊ 2 Controller System is for use with a range of COBLATION Wands from Smith & Nephew. COBLATION◊ is a proprietary technology from Smith and Nephew that is used in the WEREWOLF◊, QUANTUM◊ and ATLAS◊ products.

Our Controller System operates in ablation and coagulation modes, which results in different tissue effects.

Ablation mode:
As the Controller setting increases from 1 to 9, the performance of the Wand transitions from a thermal effect to an ablative effect via the creation and intensity of plasma. When the Controller setting increases, the plasma field increases in size, while the power decreases accordingly.

Coagulation mode:
All of our COBLATION Wands can operate in coagulation mode for hemostasis. When the Controller System is used at lower settings a minimal formation of plasma is generated, which causes the current to flow through the tissue.



Manufactured by ArthroCare Corporation, 7000 W. William Cannon Drive, Austin, TX 78735


COBLATION Technology

  • Lower temperature than other radiofrequency- (RF) based technologies,1 with AMBIENT◊ Technology for accurate monitoring of intra-articular fluid.
  • Controlled plasma field allows precise removal of targeted soft tissue while preserving surrounding healthy tissue.2
  • Over 10 million COBLATION◊ procedures since 2008.
  • Proven safe and efficacious 3,4,*— our body of clinical and pre-clinical outcomes-based data continues to grow.

AMBIENT Technology

  • Real-time temperature monitoring of intra-articular fluid.
  • New two-zone monitoring measures both the intra-articular fluid temperature and outflow temperatures within the hand piece.
  • When the temperature in the joint space exceeds the user-selected set point, the controller will emit visual and audible alarms.


Exclusive to Smith & Nephew COBLATION technology, SCOPE-SENSING Technology allows surgeons to work more freely around sensitive arthroscopic equipment.

Safety feature:
The QUANTUM 2 Controller includes proprietary circuits that continuously monitor the energy and automatically suspend the output when there is a spike in current, such as when the Wands are in close proximity to, or contact metal.

When a safe distance is achieved, COBLATION energy will automatically resume.



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