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Pink Hip Kit

Postless Hip Positioning System


Go postless

Reduce groin-related complications post-operatively1-2

Zero groin related injuries3

As shown in a recent study of 1000 patients3. Did you know if you go postless, our Pink Hip Kit reduces the risk of perineal post pressure injuries in the groin compared to reported incidence?1-2

Potential pain reduction5: Potential for reduced post-operative pain and improved recovery times compared to standard distraction.

Easier access*: Removal of the post allows for a greater range of motion and may make complex procedures easier* while improving C-arm visualization.

Less costs5**: Are incurred when combined with our Hip Positioning System, fact. And guess what, for current users, there's no need to invest in new captial and there's no training required.

*compared to standard techniques
**compared to other postless devices


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