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4.5mm Proximal Femur Locking Plate


Product Information

PERI-LOC 4.5mm Proximal Femur Locking Plate

  • Anatomically contoured to the lateral aspect of the proximal femur
  • Left and right specific
  • Six distinct points of fixation in the proximal femur
  • Bullet plate tip assists with percutaneous insertion and minimizes prominence
  • Locking or non-locking option in every screw hole
  • Each screw hole accepts 4.5mm Cortex, 4.5mm Locking, 5.7mm Cannulated
  • Locking, 6.5mm Cancellous, 6.5mm Cannulated Conical and/or 6.5mm Cannulated Locking Screws
  • 2.0 m anatomic bow beginning at the sixth hole to maximize plate coverage extending down the femoral shaft
  • Radiolucent targeter available for percutaneous fracture fixation
  • Compatible with the PERI-LOC Large Fragment Locked Plating System


  • Low profile heads to reduce soft tissue irritation
  • Self-Tapping 4.5mm Cortex and 4.5mm Locking Screws
  • Self-Drilling, Self-Tapping 5.7mm Cannulated Locking, 6.5mm Cannulated Conical and 6.5mm Cannulated Locking Screws


PERI-LOC PFP Indications

Fractures of the trochanteric region including simple intertrochanteric, reverse intertrochanteric, transverse trochanteric, complex multifragmentary and fractures with medial cortex instability

  • Proximal femur fractures with ipsilateral shaft fractures
  • Metastatic proximal femur fractures
  • Nonunions and malunions
  •  Basi/transcervical femoral neck fractures
  • Subcapital femoral neck fractures
  • Subtrochanteric femur fractures