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Meniscal Overbiter Punch

Meniscal Overbiter Punch


Smith & Nephew offers a full line of quality punches designed with a variety of tips and configurations to provide easy access to specific areas of the meniscus.

The MENISCAL OVERBITER PUNCH addresses the common but unmet need of surgeons to gain appropriate access to the superior meniscal flap region of the knee. Created with Smith & Nephew's state-of-the-art craftsmanship and innovation, this instrument has also been rigorously tested to provide high quality.

The MENISCAL OVERBITER PUNCH is specifically designed with a reverse jaw that easily slides toward and under the superior meniscal flap region, an area notorious for its difficult access. The elevated lower tip prevents the meniscus from resting against the tibia, enabling a clean bite. Most importantly, the blunt nose allows the instrument to lie squarely against the posterior horn area, which enables a flush trimming of the meniscus.

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Ordering Information

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