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Hip Positioning System with Active Heel Technology

Hip Positioning System with Active Heel Technology


Secure, flexible, and easy-to-use positioning for hip arthroscopy procedures

The Hip Positioning System can be configured for use in arthroscopic procedures of the central compartment by distracting a patient’s leg, and it firmly supports and secures the patient during procedures related to the peripheral and lateral compartments.

System Configurations can be customized by technique and/or surgeon preference.

Advanced Configuration: Two operative distractors provide dynamic control with minimal changeover time between cases.

Traditional Configurations: Simple, cost-effective solution - with one operative distractor and one non-operative distractor, can be configured in both Lateral and Supine approaches.


  • Active Heel Traction Boot securely holds a patient’s anatomy during a hip arthroscopy case1
  • Military-grade buckles and straps minimize heel lift during procedures2


  • Patented 'ball joint' movement allows the hip to be easily flexed, abducted, or adducted
  • Lateral and supine systems available


  • C-arm compatible
  • System is portable with an optional storage cart, offering a safe and convenient storage option.

Easy to use

  • With the Quick Disconnect feature, the Active Heel Traction Boot can be easily removed and reattached to the system.
  • A simple control system allows adjustment for both fine and gross distraction – eliminating unnecessary strain on OR staff
  • System automatically locks in place to prevent movement after hip is repositioned.



  • Easily attaches to many OR tables – eliminating the need to add an expensive fracture table to the OR
  • Component upgrades integrate easily with existing systems on-site
1. Design Validation Protocol & Report: 15001898
2. Design Verification Protocol & Report: 15001897
Active Heel is a trademark of Allen Medical

Ordering Information

Reference # Description

System Upgrades

Active Heel Traction Boot Retrofit Kits
72203992 Active Heel Traction Boot Retrofit Kit for Universal Hip Distractor
72203993 Active Heel Traction Boot Retrofit Kit for Well Leg Holder 

Advanced Supine Hip Positioning System*
72203990 Active Heel Traction Boot with Universal Hip Distractor (Leg 1)
72203990 Active Heel Traction Boot with Universal Hip Distractor (Leg 2)
72201725 Supine Table Attachment with Pad
72200631 Perineal Post

Note: Two (2) Universal Hip Distractors are required for the advanced set-up

Traditional Supine Hip Positioning System**
72203990 Active Heel Traction Boot with Universal Hip Distractor
72203991 Active Heel Traction Boot with Well Leg Holder
72201725 Supine Table Attachment with Pad
72200631 Perineal Post

Supine Rail Clamps:
72200636 US Rail Clamps (2)
72200670 EU/UK Rail Clamps (2)
72200671 Denyer Rail Clamps (2)
72200672 Japanese Rail Clamps (2)
72200673 Swiss Rail Clamps (2)

Traditional Lateral Hip Positioning System
72203990 Active Heel  Traction Boot with Universal Hip Distractor
72201364 Lateral Table Attachment with Perineal Post Pad

Lateral Rail Clamps:
72200643 US Rail Clamps (2)
72200675 EU/UK Rail Clamps (2)
72200676 Denyer Rail Clamps (2)
72200677 Swiss Rail Clamps (2)

Disposables, Accessories, & Replacement Parts

Single-use Disposables:
72200634 Perineal Post Pad – Supine
72200635 Boot Insert Pad (2)

72200637 Patient Transfer Assembly (for use with supine system only)
72200669 Storage Cart
72203800 Active Heel  Traction Boot Knee Holder

Replacement Parts:
72202682 Active Heel Traction Boot
72203275 Active Heel Traction Boot Replacement Kit –Center Strap Assembly
72204017 Active Heel  Traction Boot Replacement Kit – Calf Strap Equipment
72203345 Active Heel  Traction Boot Replacement Kit – Toe Strap Equipment
72204677 Active Heel  Traction Boot Replacement Kit – Pads Only
72204018 Replacement Carriage (black sliding mechanison the boom compatible with Active Heel Traction Boot)
72200630 Supine Table Attachment Pad
72200639 Patient Transfer Board Pad
72200718 Perineal Post Pad – Lateral (multi-use)

*Do not exceed the advanced supine hip positioning system’s 330 lb/150 kg patient weight limit.
**Do not exceed the traditional supine hip positioning system’s 400 lb/181 kg patient weight limit.

This information is intended for health care professionals in the United States only.

Caution: US Federal law restricts the sale of these devices to or on the order of a physician.

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