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Radiofrequency Probes



Flexible tips and different tip configurations facilitate hip joint access

Smith & Nephew DYONICS EFLEX Radiofrequency Probes can deflect up to 100°, enabling access into areas of the hip joint that are difficult to reach with conventional rigid probes.

Tip deflection is actuated by an easy-to-pull trigger system, with an ergonomically designed handle and palm grip. This system also simplifies procedure preparation with an integrated power cable, eliminating the need to purchase and re-sterilize separate cables.  

Developed in cooperation with Marc J Philippon, MD

  • Totally insulated shaft reduces RF effect on surrounding tissue
  • Low-profile 3.5 mm diameter shaft fits a 5.5 mm cannula
  • Comfortable handle with finger indents and shaped palm rest provide a sure grip; trigger actuator pulls easily for tip flexion Integrated cable attaches directly to generator
  • Robust mechanical design ensures reliable performance
  • Extra long 240 mm shaft improves joint access Up to 100° tip flexion allows greater access, with three different tip configurations


*Source: Schenker, ML & Phillipon MJ. The Role of Flexible Radiofrequency Energy Probes in Hip Arthroscopy Techniques in Orthopaedics 2005 20 (1):37-44. Information in this chart is intended as a suggestion only. Surgeons should use their medical judgement when selecting a DYONICS EFLEX probe for a patient's procedure.


Ordering Information

Ordering Information

72200681 DYONICS EFLEX TAC-S Probe with integrated cable
72200682 DYONICS EFLEX LIGAMENT CHISEL Probe with integrated cable
72200683 DYONICS EFLEX ABLATOR Probe with integrated cable
7209687 Split Electrode Parts EFLEX probes are used in combination with the Smith &Nephew VULCAN Generator.

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