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Hip Guide System

CROSSTRAC Hip Guide System


With its unique triangulated design and needle point accuracy, the CROSSTRAC Hip Guide System allows for portal placement where you want it. Use with our standard length 4 mm arthroscopes and our atraumatic-in-design ARTHROGARDE Hip Access Cannulas for ideal protection.

  • Scope-based design: Specialized connection hub between scope/cannula assembly and the guide assures repeatable triangulation under direct visualization.
  • Accurate Trajectories: Aligns to any portal position within its range of motion and cannulated bullet assures accurate trajectories are achieved.
  • First-time Access: Decrease the number of attempts to establish portal placement and gain access where you want it.



Technique Information

CROSSTRAC Technique Video

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Ordering Information

Ordering Information

72201832 CROSSTRAC  Hip Guide System
System Includes:
72201831 CROSSTRAC Hip Guide - Bullet
72201741 4.5 mm ARTHROGARDE™ Cannula, Green
72201742 5.0 mm ARTHROGARDE Cannula, Blue
72200096 4.5 mm Cannulated Obturator with Delrin Handle
72200097 5.0 mm Cannulated Obturator with Delrin Handle
Sold Separately:
72201811 XL (extra-long) Disposable Arthroscopy Needle
(5 paks - individually wrapped and sterile)

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