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Cannula System for Shoulder

Cannula System for Shoulder


The CLEAR-TRAC FLEXIBLE Cannula System has been designed with a flexible body material and an integrated triple-seal design, which provides ideal tactile feedback and helps to reduce fluid leak.

  • Integrated triple seal design
  • Transparent body
  • Flexible body material
  • Optional disposable stopcock
  • Latex free design
  • Cropped flow port
  • New suture management system

 . CLEAR-TRAC Flexible cannulas with call-outs


*Partially threaded cannula also available


This information is intended for health care professionals in the United States only.

Caution: US Federal law restricts the sale of these devices to or on the order of a physician. 

Ordering Information

CLEAR-TRAC FLEXIBLE Shoulder Cannula Family

Disposable cannula with disposable obturator
(Sterile; single-use; 10 per box) 72200424 8.0 mm x 90 mm, threaded, lime green
72200425 8.0 mm x 72 mm, threaded, lime green
72200426 8.0 mm x 72 mm, smooth, lime green
72200427 6.5 mm x 72 mm, threaded, orange
72200428 6.5 mm x 72 mm, smooth, orange
72200429 5.5 mm x 72 mm, threaded, blue
72200430 5.5 mm x 55 mm, threaded, blue
72200431 5.5 mm x 55 mm, smooth, blue
72200432 5.5 mm x 45 mm, threaded, blue
72200433 4.5 mm x 72 mm, threaded, purple


72200899 8.0 mm x 90 mm (4.3 mm cannulation), lime green
72200900 8.0 mm x 72 mm (4.3 mm cannulation), lime green


72200658 CLEAR-TRAC stopcock valve