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Suture Shuttle

ACCU-PASS Suture Shuttle


The ACCU-PASS Suture Shuttle is designed to accommodate doubled #2-0 or #0, or a a single #1 or #2 monofilament suture.

The single-handed, ergonomic handle design and thumb wheels provide precise control for suture placement and shuttle deployment.

Used in Shoulder Arthroscopy, seven different tip configurations and three shuttle loading options are available.

• Options provide flexibility in both procedure and technique.
• Solid one-piece shaft resists bending and breakage.
• Sterile, single patient use
• Suture passing and shuttling for instability, plications and side to side repairs. 

Suture Passing and Shuttling for Instability, Plications and Side to Side repairs.


Straight AccuPass_Overview_Straight
Crescent AccuPass_Overview_Crescent
45° Upbend AccuPass_Overview_45Upbend
70° Upbend AccuPass_Overview_70Upbend
45° Left AccuPass_Overview_45Left
45° Right AccuPass_Overview_45Right
Big Curve AccuPass_Overview_BigCurve

Ordering Information

Ref Description
7210423 ACCU-PASS 45°, left
7210424 ACCU-PASS 45°, right
7210425 ACCU-PASS 45°, Upbend
7210426 ACCU-PASS Straight
7210427 ACCU-PASS Crescent
72200419 ACCU-PASS 70°, Upbend
72200418 ACCU-PASS, big curve