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Hydrogel Wound Dressing with Preservatives



SOLOSITE is a hydrogel wound dressing with preservatives. It can donate moisture to rehydrate non-viable tissue. It absorbs exudate while retaining its structure in the wound.


  • SOLOSITE Gel is used to create a moist wound environment for the treatment of minor conditions such as:
    Minor burns
    Superficial lacerations
    Cuts and abrasions (partial thickness wounds)
    Skin tears
  • Under the direction of a healthcare professional, SOLOSITE Gel is used to create a moist wound environment for the management of:
    Venous ulcers (leg ulcers)
    Surgical incisions
    Diabetic foot ulcers
    Pressure ulcers (including stage IV)
  • Creates a moist wound environment, which assists in autolytic debridement of wounds covered with necrotic tissues.


For external use only. If condition worsens or does not improve within 7 days, consult a physician.


  • Rehydrates and helps deslough dry eschar
  • Convenient 3 oz. flip top tube
  • Absorbs exudate


  • Assists autolytic debridement
  • Non-irritating, non-sensitizing, gentle to fragile granulation tissue
  • Multi-dose size fits reimbursement parameters
  • Cost effective

Ordering Codes / Reimbursement Information

Usual Allowable Amount: Up to 1 change per day and 3 fluid ounces per 30 days; quantity used with each change should not exceed the amount needed to line the surface of the wound.

Specific Coverage Criteria: Covered when used on full-thickness wounds with minimal or no exudate; not covered if combined with a hydrogel cover or an absorptive secondary dressing.

Product # Size Pcs/Pkg Pkgs/Case HCPCS Code
449600 3 oz. Tube 1 12 A6248

Instructions for Use

Step 1

Cleanse the wound with saline or an appropriate wound cleanser.

Step 2

Apply SOLOSITE Gel to cover the wound bed (5mm thick) and cover with a gauze, foam or transparent film dressing.

Step 3

Change the dressing each day or as directed by the physician.