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ALLEVYN Plus Cavity

Hydrocellular Cavity Wound Dressing



ALLEVYN Plus Cavity is a cavity wound dressing that provides ALLEVYN hydrocellular technology in a unique 3 dimensional structure for effective management of deep wounds. The dressing has been designed to combine maximum absorbency and conformability with easy handling and less traumatic dressing changes.


  • Core of highly absorbent hydrocellular foam chips
  • Outer non-adherent perforated film
  • Range of sizes and shapes
  • Soft pliable construction


  • Highly-Absorbent
    ALLEVYN Plus Cavity dressings have been designed to overcome the problems associated with dressing deep wounds. The capacity to absorb and hold extra-high levels of exudates results in the cost-effective management of cavity wounds, without the need for frequent dressing changes. They will absorb and retain exudates even under compression and are permeable to oxygen and water vapor.
  • Highly Conformable to Wound Contours
    ALLEVYN Plus Cavity dressings are available in a range of sizes suitable for virtually all deep wounds. The dressings are highly flexible and can be molded to the wound shape. They have good contact with the wound surface and can be cut to any shape required, making them suitable for a wide range of cavity wounds. The dressing provides and maintains optimum contact with the wound surface as it absorbs, minimizing the risk of abscess formation.
  • Easy to Use and Apply
    ALLEVYN Plus Cavity dressing is presented individually sterilized in convenient plastic trays. More than one dressing may be used in the same wound if necessary. The correct dressing or combination of dressings can be quickly and easily placed into the cavity, allowing more effective use of nursing time.
  • Superior Non-Adherency
    ALLEVYN Plus Cavity dressing is designed to conform to wound cavity shape. It provides a highly effective non-adherent wound contact layer, which minimizes patient trauma and wound disturbance on removal.
  • Helps Create and Maintain a Moist Wound Environment
    The wound contact surface of the ALLEVYN Plus Cavity dressing maintains a moist wound environment which helps prevent eschar formation and helps promote an environment for healing.


  • ALLEVYN Plus Cavity dressings are used for the management of deep secondary healing wounds, particularly for indications such as stage III and IV pressure ulcers, deep leg ulcers, cavity wounds, excisions and post-op wound dehiscence.
  • Conforms to the wound bed to support tissues and provide for patient comfort during wound management.


  • ALLEVYN Plus Cavity should not be re-used.
  • Avoid using forceps to place the dressing into the wound as this may puncture the dressing.
  • Ensure the number of dressings used in the wound is noted upon application and checked upon removal.
  • Do not use ALLEVYN Plus Cavity with oxidizing agents such as hypochlorite solutions (eg. Dakins) or hydrogen peroxide, as these break down the foam filling of the dressings.
  • Do not use in deep cavity wounds with small openings.
  • Not indicated for use on third degree burns.

Ordering Codes / Reimbursement Information

Usual Allowable Amount: Subject to each DMERC policy; limit one dressing change per day.

Specific Coverage Criteria: Product documentation must include: Manufacturer's Name, Brand Name, Product Number, Product Size. Wound documentation must be included: Size of the wound in cm's, including depth, drainage levels using words like "heavy exudate" or "copious drainage". If amount of exudate can be documented in cc's, it would be helpful; Wound filler, dry form, per gram. Not a miscellaneous code.

Product# Size Pcs/Pkg Pkgs/Case HCPCS Code
66047571 2 x 2-3/8 10 10 A6215
66047573 4 x 4 5 20 A6215
66047574 6 x 8 3 16 A6215

Instructions for Use

Step 1

Prepare and clean the skin surrounding the wound area. SKIN-PREP wipes may be used if appropriate.

Step 2

Choose one or more ALLEVYN Plus Cavity dressings to fill approximately 50% of the cavity wound. The product may be cut to accommodate size requirement.

Step 3

Fold product into itself and gently insert the dressings into the cavity using a gloved hand. Upon release the product will slowly conform to wound cavity shape.

Step 4


Cover the ALLEVYN Plus Cavity dressings with an OPSITE Film Dressing. Alternatively an absorbent dressing pad and fixative sheet (HYPAFIX Non Woven Adhesive Dressing Sheet) may be used if the skin around the wound is very delicate.

Step 5

Remove secondary dressing and carefully remove ALLEVYN Plus Cavity using gloved hands. The frequency of change depends on the quantity of exudate and the condition of the wound. Typically, ALLEVYN Plus Cavity can be left in place for 3 days from the start of treatment and this should be quickly extended to a weekly change.

Please see Overview tab for Precautions.