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Realizing the effectiveness of single patient systems in the outpatient setting


In a recently published study from the March 2014 edition of OWM, author Theresa Hurd explores the effectiveness of a new canister-less, portable, single use NPWT system in the outpatient setting.  In the eight week study, data from 539 patients who had been on traditional NPWT were reviewed retrospectively and compared to 326 patients who received therapy for similar wound types using the single use NPWT system. The study found that portable, single use NPWT delivered similar healing rates to traditional NPWT in the outpatient setting with wounds that have low to moderate exudate levels.1


  • Provide context and insight into the effectiveness of single use negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) systems in comparison to traditional NPWT systems
  • Discuss the features and benefits of single use NPWT and how it is applied
  • Present clinical examples of how to leverage single use NPWT within your clinical practice

Target audience

WOC Nurses, Podiatrists, Wound Care Physicians, Wound Clinic Nurses


Theresa A. Hurd RN MSN, MScN, MScED, PhD
Clinical Nurse Specialist/Nurse Practitioner
CEO, Nursing Practice Solutions, Inc.
Associate Professor, Graduate Nursing Practitioner Program
D'Youville  Buffalo, New York

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1. Hurd, T., Trueman, P., & Rossington, A. Use of portable, single-use negative pressure wound therapy device in home care patients with low to moderately exuding wounds: a case series. OWM. Volume 60. Issue 3. March 2014

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