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NAVIO™ Handheld Robotics 7.0 software upgrade


Continuing the evolution of robotics technology in total knee arthroplasty

The NAVIO Surgical System has demonstrated clinical performance by offering real-time characterization of bone and cartilage, and high-level accuracy for bone preparation and gap balancing in total knee arthroplasty (TKA)1-8.

NAVIO 7.0 software has been developed to offer:

Improved efficiency through a reduction in mandatory steps and a more surgeon-driven workflow, regardless of philosophy or preference.

Improved usability due to a bone preparation update and more flexible, customizable workflow options.

A shorter learning curve with user interface updates and completion feedback.

Aiming to offer the accuracy1-8 patients deserve, while enhancing the surgeon’s workload and user experience. Estimated efficiencies:*

What’s new with NAVIO 7.0?

  • New surgical preferences for joint laxity, femur rotational axis, tibial resection depth and femur implant reference.
  • Updated workflow interface reduces leg manipulations, with streamlined mechanical axis definition and grouped collection of kinematic and surface data. 
  • Single-stage, patient specific planning
  • Detailed alignment and deformity information, intraoperative implant change and a troubleshooting info widget.
  • Effective distal punch tool to prepare fixation holes for AP cutting guide, compatible with distal burring.
  • Instant access to intraoperative case information mid-procedure.
  • Watch: virtual bone modelling with built-in auto-rotation and faster mapping:


The freedom of robotics in your hands

To discover how NAVIO Robotics and the new NAVIO 7.0 software update could enhance your TKA practice, contact us to enquire about a live demonstration.  

Read how NAVIO Handheld Robotics contributes to patient outcomes, accuracy and procedural efficiencies in TKA.

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, and experience the freedom of robotics in your hands. 

 *compared to NAVIO software version 6.0/6.1 SW



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