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All-Suture Anchor

Q-FIX All-Suture Anchor


The Q-FIX All-Suture Anchor is the next generation of all-suture anchor technology and is now available with a curved guide system. Providing the benefits of a small, soft anchor with the characteristics of traditional anchor designs, the Q-FIX All-Suture Anchor is a radially expanding anchor that offers: 

Consistent deployment 1,2,3


The Q-Fix All-Suture Anchor is designed to provide consistent deployment due to the radially expanding implant design and unique delivery system. During anchor deployment, the distal tip of the inserter functions as a knot pusher against the anchor body, independent of the cortical layer. The sutures are then pre-tensioned to approximately 140 newtons5 to complete anchor deployment and remove any suture laxity.

Low Displacement 4,5


The unique design and deployent mechanism of the Q-FIX All-Suture Anchor provides best-in-class performance, with regard to the deplacement during cyclic loading. The deployment of the anchor against the inserter shaft and the tensioning of the sutures to approximately 140 newtons ensures the least displacement of any all-suture anchor.1


Compact Size

The Q-FIX platform offers compact 1.8mm (single-loaded) or 2.8mm (double-loaded) anchor sizes. The new Q-FIX MINI Suture Anchor minimizes bone removal by shortening the drill tunnel depth by 5mm. This new drill depth of 17.1mm is approximately 23% shorter than the existing Q-FIX 1.8mm anchor.

High Fixation Strength 2,3,4

The Q-FIX All-Suture Anchor provides superior fixation properties when compared to the BIORAPTOR* 2.3 PK Suture Anchor as well as other commercially available all-suture anchors


1. Douglass NP, Behn AW, Safran MR. Cyclic and Load to Failure Properties of All-Suture Anchors in Synthetic Acetabular and Glenoid Cancellous Bone. Arthroscopy. 2017 May;33(5):977-985.e5. doi: 10.1016/j.arthro.2016.11.022. Epub 2017 Jan 26. 2. Report P/N 49193-02 Rev. A 3. Report P/N 51963-01 Rev. B 4. Barber AB, Herbert MA. All-Suture Anchors: Biomechanical Analysis of Pullout Strength, Displacement, and Failure Mode. Arthroscopy. 2017 Jun;33(6):1113-1121. doi: 10.1016/j.arthro.2016.09.031. Epub 2016 Dec 22 5. Report P/N 49190-01 Rev. B

Ordering Information

Ordering Information
Reference #  Descriptions

1.8mm Q-FIX MINI All-Suture Anchor

72290123   1.8mm Q-FIX MINI All-Suture Anchor

Reusable Instruments:
25-1812     1.8mm Reusable PATHFINDER™ Obturator

Disposable Kits:
72290125   1.8mm Q-FIX MINI Disposable Kit
72290126   1.8mm Q-FIX MINI XL Disposable Kit

1.8mm Q-FIX All-Suture Anchor

25-1800   1.8mm Q-FIX All-Suture Anchor

Reusable Instruments:
72290119   1.8mm Reusable Curved Drill Guide, XL
72290120   1.8mm Reusable Curved Drill Guide
25-1812      1.8mm Reusable PATHFINDER Obturator

Disposable Kits:
25-1810     1.8mm Q-FIX Disposable Kit
25-1811     1.8mm Q-FIX Disposable Kit XL

Disposable Accessories:
72290118   1.8mm Disposable Flex Drill


2.8mm Q-FIX All-Suture Anchor

25-2800    2.8mm Q-FIX All-Suture Anchor

Reusable Instruments:
25-2812    2.8mm Reusable PATHFINDER Obturator
25-2820    2.8mm Reusable Bone Punch for Q-FIX All-Suture Anchor

Disposable Kits:
25-2810    2.8mm Q-FIX Disposable Kit


This information is intended for health care professionals in the United States only.

Caution: US Federal law restricts the sale of these devices to or on the order of a physician.

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This information is intended for health care professionals in the United States only.

Caution: US Federal law restricts the sale of these devices to or on the order of a physician.