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Hinge Knee System

LEGION Hinge Knee

Product Information

LEGION Hinged Knee is launched as an extension of the clinically successful LEGION Total Knee System. Its kinematic and bone sparing design not only alleviates patients’ symptoms, but also restores an almost natural knee to seamlessly transition intraoperatively from a constrained revision implant to a hinged assembly, it makes knee salvage, knee rescue.



  • Multiple femoral, tibial, stem and augment sizes
  • Uniform sizing of all components from LEGION primary to revision
  • LEGION Primary, Revision and Hinge share the same bone conserving femoral resections


Anatomic Design

  • Anatomic asymmetric tibia allows the surgeon to customize the tibial component to each patient's anatomic requirements.
  • Anatomic femoral trrochlear groove is based on the clinically proven GENESIS◊ II and LEGIONPrimary and revision design.
  • LEGION system continuum, from primary to revision to hinge, system components and augments are compatible. 



  • An average of 96% condylar loading removes the stress from the hinge link which promotes lower wear on the  hinge device. 1
  • Kinematic Guided Motion providing a natural range of motion2 with medial pivot, lateral roll back, and screw home.3


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