13 November 2023

Embracing diversity by investing in ethnicity

We care for one another professionally and personally. This means making sure that all our employees have the support and flexibility they need to be happy, healthy, and productive, in a culture and environment where everyone is encouraged to be themselves, respected both as an individual and as part of a team, and able to speak up for what they believe in.

Recognizing the value of inclusion, diversity and equity is at the core of our culture and one individual within our ranks has stood out on this journey towards inclusivity. Simon Tarry, SVP and General Manager, Advanced Wound Management, International, has become a driving force for positive change within the organisation and is commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion has not gone unnoticed.

Simon helped establish UNITY, the UK, Ireland and Nordics race and ethnicity Employee Inclusion Group - A group that focuses on championing ethnic minority voices to help foster a positive and inclusive working environment. Inspired to act when colleagues approached him as Managing Director to respond to the Black Lives Matter movement, he was motivated to reflect on his own experiences and took action to show demonstrable results.

As a testament to his impact, Simon was shortlisted by Investing in Ethnicity as one of their Top Ten Champion Allies in their annual Ethnicity Awards for 2023. The Champion Ally award honours individuals who passionately promote equality, oppose discrimination against Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic groups, and actively support initiatives within the past year. Investing in Ethnicity assesses and assists organisations that are interested in progressing the Ethnicity Agenda within their workforce and beyond, by helping them provide a more equitable society by addressing race and ethnicity inclusion in the workplace.

IIE Top 10 - Si Tarry - LI.png

Investing in Ethnicity

Investing in Ethnicity’s mission is to build a more equitable society by addressing race and ethnicity inclusion in the workplace. Working with organisations to create an environment that is not only welcoming and diverse but encourages people to thrive regardless of their background. You can read more on their website: https://investinginethnicity.org/about/