8 September 2020

Smith+Nephew’s REDAPT◊ System for revision total hip arthroplasty to be launched in China


One of the pioneers of 3D-printed, imported, acetabular components approved for use in China

Smith+Nephew (LSE:SN, NYSE:SNN), the global medical technology business, announced it has received approval from the National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) in China to introduce its REDAPT System for revision total hip arthroplasty (rTHA). The REDAPT System’s acetabular components are among the pioneers of 3D-printed, imported, acetabular product approved for use in China – enabling greater accessibility for customers and patients.
全球医疗器械公司施乐辉(LSE:SN, NYSE:SNN)宣布已获得中国国家药品监督管理局 (NMPA)的批准,在中国推出REDAPT系统用于全髋关节置换 (rTHA)翻修。REDAPT系统的髋臼组件是经中国批准使用的3D打印进口髋臼产品的先行者之一,使客户和患者的使用更加便捷。

“China has seen rapid growth in primary hip procedures over the past 15-20 years and as such, there is a need for technologies addressing the clinical needs for revision hip arthroplasty,” said Ala Ahram, Managing Director Greater China, Smith+Nephew. “Introducing the REDAPT System in China will have a profoundly positive clinical impact to our surgeon customers and will help their patients live a Life Unlimited.”
施乐辉公司大中华区董事总经理Ala Ahram说:“在过去的15-20年里,中国的初次髋关节手术量发展迅速,因此,需要有满足髋关节翻修术临床需求的技术。在中国引入REDAPT系统,将对我们的外科医生客户产生深刻而积极的临床影响,并将帮助他们的患者的生命拥有无限可能。”

The REDAPT Revision Hip System is uniquely designed to tackle the challenges of revision hip arthroplasty: fixation in various bone types, achievement of joint stability, predictable stem position, and surgical efficiency.1 As a result, surgeons are able to treat these patients effectively and efficiently.

The 3D-printing process used to manufacture standard “off the shelf” acetabular components enables product features that might normally be cost prohibitive.

“I have full confidence in the REDAPT System to address all of my femoral revision needs, including complex reconstructions and periprosthetic fractures,” said Ran Schwarzkopf MD, Associate Professor at NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases and NYU Langone Orthopedic Hospital. “Furthermore, the REDAPT Acetabular cup has unique attributes, including the 3D-printed CONCELOC material, which is designed to provide strong osteo-integration, and the wide variety of holes and locations for both superior and inferior screw placement. The locking screw mechanism is extremely advantageous in poor bone quality and large defects.”
纽约大学关节病医院和纽约大学朗格尼骨科医院的Ran Schwarzkopf博士说:“我对REDAPT系统完全有信心,它能满足我所有的股骨翻修需求,包括复杂的重建和预防假体周围骨折。此外,REDAPT髋臼系统具有独特的属性,包括3D打印的CONCELOC材料,旨在提供强大的骨整合效果,以及专为翻修设计的螺钉孔和钉孔分布,可用于上方和下方的螺钉植入。锁定螺钉机制在骨质量差和骨缺损大的情况下非常有帮助。”

Revision total hip arthroplasty procedure volume is expected to increase globally as younger, more active patients, out-live their original implants.

The REDAPT System is designed to deliver reliable stability and help lower the re-revision rate of rTHAs by reducing the frequency of implant movement– a major contributor to early failure of total hip arthroplasty.

“Titanium tapered stems - particularly those with aggressive tapers like REDAPT - have really changed the face of revision hip arthroplasty in the last decade and have made what was a previously complex procedure much more straightforward,” said Prof. Fares S. Haddad MD, Professor of Orthopaedic and Sports Surgery, University College of London. “They sit where planned and hold position following surgery; they have become our workhorse for femoral revision.”
英国伦敦大学骨科和运动外科教授Fare S. Haddad博士说:“钛合金锥形柄——尤其是像REDAPT这种较大锥度的椎形柄在过去十年间真实改变了人工髋关节置换术的面貌,也使得之前复杂的手术更加简单。钛合金锥形柄在手术后可以固定和保持在计划好的位置,它们已经成为我们股骨翻修手术的主力。”

The addition of the REDAPT System expands Smith+Nephew’s comprehensive portfolio of both primary and revision hip arthroplasty products now available in China. The REDAPT System is available in most major global markets and will be commercially available in China later this year.



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