4 June 2019

Smith & Nephew introduces PICO™ 14 sNPWT and presents new evidence to help improve outcomes in hard to heal wounds at EWMA conference

Smith & Nephew (LSE: SN, NYSE: SNN), the global medical technology business, is excited to introduce the new PICO 14 Single Use Negative Pressure Wound Therapy System (sNPWT) which has a pump duration of up to 14 days,1 an enhanced pump to aid use in large wounds with less user intervention,2* and is aimed for use in deep wounds, such as 7 centimetres deep.3

The new addition to the PICO family, PICO 14 sNPWT, will be presented at the European Wound Management Association (EWMA) conference to be held in Gothenburg, Sweden 5 – 7 June 2019, together with new PICO evidence on managing hard-to heal wounds and mechanism of action.

Earlier intervention with PICO sNPWT in hard-to-heal wounds has been observed to improve the proportion of wounds healed.4† The PICO sNPWT has also been shown to significantly improve healing trajectory with an average wound reduction of 9.6% more compared to standard dressings;4** and 30% greater area and depth reduction compared to traditional negative pressure (tNPWT) 5. The PICO sNPWT has also shown to reduce use of healthcare resources compared to standard of care4, 6§ and tNPWT5.

The unique PICO sNPWT dressing includes AIRLOCK™ Technology for uniform and consistent delivery of therapeutic NPWT across a wound and the surrounding zone of injury.7 By minimising the need for fillers and reducing dressing change frequency compared with traditional NPWT5, PICO sNPWT helps healing to progress undisturbed, contributing to faster time to healing, improved quality and distribution of granulation tissue and more consistent re-epithelialisation.8

PICO™ sNPWT has a strong evidence base with 103 published papers of which 20 are published randomised controlled trials (RCTs) and 65 are unique clinical studies.10

In addition to introducing PICO 14 sNPWT, Smith & Nephew is hosting two symposia at the EWMA conference. “Achieve better outcomes for your hard-to-heal wounds with PICO™ Single Use Negative Pressure Wound Therapy System” is chaired by Professor Christina Lindholm, Sweden with presentation by amongst others Jane Hampton, Denmark.

The symposium “Achieving consistency in practice through an evolved T.I.M.E. 9 framework” will see Prof. Zena Moore, Ireland, Dr. Gregory Schultz, US and Terry Swanson, Australia present a new T.I.M.E clinical decision support tool (CDST) to help achieve reduction in practice variation, and with examples of implementing T.I.M.E. CDST in practice.

“We are proud to showcase the new PICO 14 at this year’s EWMA, adding to our complete leading portfolio that can help address every aspect of T.I.M.E. supporting the broad range of clinical needs our customers face daily.“ said Paolo Di Vincenzo, Smith & Nephew’s Senior Vice President Global Marketing, Advanced Wound Management.“

The full Smith & Nephew programme can be found at www.smith-nephew.com/EWMA2019

PICO 14 completed the CE mark process on 18 April 2019. Not available in the US. Read more about PICO 14 sNPWT at www.smith-nephew.com/pico14





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* compared to previous versions

† p=0.001; 52 wounds; 0-3 vs 12+ months starting wound duration

** p=0.001; 52 wounds

‡ p<0.001 for area and p=0.014for depth; n=161; Intention to treat analysis, at 12 weeks, combined population on a VLU and DFU study.

§ Reduction per patient of 1-2 outpatient visits over 12-week treatment period and 1-3 home visits per week

‖ p=0.028 for faster, p=0.025 granulation, p<0.001 re-epithelialisation.

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