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Smith & Nephew Introduces New Anatomically-Enhanced, Bioabsorbable Implant for Shoulder Surgery

Smith & Nephew, Inc., Endoscopy Division, a subsidiary of Smith & Nephew plc (NYSE: SNN) (London Stock Exchange: SN), today announced the introduction of the SURETAC® III System, a bioabsorbable implant and the Rapid Delivery System for shoulder instability repair.

With more than 10 years of clinical use and proven clinical data, SURETAC® fixators have been the traditional surgical choice for instability repair among the orthopaedic community. The new SURETAC® bioabsorable implants combine an enhanced anatomical design and increased pullout strength delivered through a Rapid Delivery System.

"The SURETAC® implant is uniquely designed, so that both the oval and angled heads maximize tissue placement and fixation and minimize impingement," commented Dr. Russ Warren, Surgeon-in-Chief, Hospital for Special Surgery, New York City.

The SURETAC® implant is manufactured using Polyglyconate, a patented co-polymer that makes the implant more resistant to damage during insertion and provides for faster absorption by the body when its function is no longer needed for healing.

"When dealing with the intra-articular surgical pathologies it's essential that the orthopaedic implant be made of material that is resistant to breakage or micro-fractures during the procedure and the rehabilitation period," added Dr. Warren. "The inherent durability of Polyglyconate makes it the most suitable in these type of surgeries."

"Our new SURETAC® implants are geometrically improved devices, providing us with the immediate opportunity to broaden our procedure base for this product," said Ron Sparks, president, Smith & Nephew Endoscopy.

The disposable Rapid Delivery System eliminates several surgical steps, saving valuable time in the operating room and provides the surgeon with easy access to the instruments in the event of unexpected pathologies. The unique guidewire driven system also enables the surgeon to select the optimal site for implant placement.

According to industry estimates nearly 250,000 instability procedures are performed on an annual basis to alleviate the persistent pain and discomfort associated with shoulder injuries, and to help patients regain full range of motion.

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