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Supporting South African Children in Need

No water, no electricity and a broken fence – this was the reality facing the Pinetown Highway Child & Family Welfare Society children’s safe house in KwaDabeka. The safe house offers temporary housing to children awaiting placement with foster carers. However, repeated break-ins and vandalism had left the house unliveable and put the children in danger. This resulted in the house closing and the children being housed elsewhere.

“The house should be a safe haven for children so getting it back up and running was really important,” says Evanne Ruttu, Marketing Communications Specialist – Corporate, Africa Region. “Taryn Theunissen, Senior Product Manager, saw the Society’s plea for help. It’s on our doorstep, and we put a plan together that would ensure this safe haven was up and running again.”

“The safety and shelter of the children comes first, so we needed to complete the restoration as quickly as possible,” says Tim Bourne, Managing Director, South Africa. “A group of colleagues volunteered their time to paint the house, clear the garden, put up a new barbed wire fence and organise a contractor to fix the plumbing and electrical issues.”

Following work on the hot water supply, the house opened at the end of September.

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